Talent Strategy

Concept of human resources: 
 Human resources are the first important resources for long-term development. Ability and moral integrity, knowing talents well and making good use of them, are the employment concept adhered always by Transpeed. We respect the individual, advocate integrity, and follow the spirit of innovation and continuous improvement. Professionals and managerial talents suitable for the needs of enterprise strategic transformation and fast development will have huge development in Transpeed. 
Principle of human resources and personnel training:
Personal goals and enterprise target are integrated together. Transpeed respects each employee’s development, encourages employees to make the best use of the complete training and development system of the company to plan individual professional life, guide them to combine personal development goals and enterprise development goals. Under the support of comprehensive employee training and development system, influenced gradually by the good development environment and atmosphere of the group, the employee ability and wisdom can be maximized, personal dream fully realized, personal ability improved gradually, individual thought prospect and sentiment upgraded continually. A patriotic and law-abiding, industrious and hard-working, excellent quality, professional steady employee team is built. The enterprise goals can be achieved on this basis.  

 Principle of human resources and training:
Well-trained employees are the company’s assets. Supporting the sustainable development of enterprise and keeping the competitive power in the industry, improving self, enterprising actively are the inevitable road of employee development. Effective training, in addition to improving employees’ work skills, can support greatly the spread of enterprise culture and identity, cultivate the solidarity concept that Transpeed is our home. Therefore, Transpeed sets up a complete training system, including theoretical and practical training of new staff, basic skills training at all posts, comprehensive quality training of managerial personnel, and enterprise culture training for positive working attitude. This training system supports correspondingly the staff growth and development of the company.

Integration of lifelong continued learning and formal schooling: 
Training is one of the most important links to create a high-quality workforce, also contributes to the development of society and enterprise. Transpeed believes it is the most important that all members can have continuous training, help them upgrade continually their knowledge, and improve constantly their quality levels. Transpeed stays ahead of the industry, breaks the geographical limit, and creates network training system. In cooperation with talent echelon system, the company improve employee’s ability, provides reserve talents for enterprise, cultivate social elites for automatic transmission industry.


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